Project 01 - UX Design Proposal - Phood APP - Tablet and Website

The Phood App project is about developing an app framework for digital publishing. In the first instance it will be applied to a cook book format to be launched on the tablet platform for iOS. In the second instance the application will be made into a website called Phoodbook. The app will engage the user with its use of beautiful photography and comforting interactive experience. It will place food at its core and have an innovative and unique layout that is at once aspirational and familiar.

Traditional publishing has a diminishing presence in the modern world due to costs and ongoing consumer needs and behaviour. The challenge is to create a digital, interactive model for a cookbook that must exploit the digital user experience, innovate, excite and engage the user.

Tim De Neele and Julie Renouf are professional photographers specialising in the food publishing arena.

Project 02 - HEXEY - Website Shopping Cart Redesign

The brief was to redesign hexey with the ability to order ingredients to their home delivery service. I redesigned to include a shopping cart that made sense. I covered competitive analysis, initial concepts, concept prototype, information architecture, including optimal card sorting and survey analysis, personas, user flows, user journey mapping, wireframing and prototyping as well as interaction and user interface design. It was really interesting to see the end product compared to what hexey had in terms of their current web design.

Project 03 - HELLAS CAKES - Complete Website Redesign



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