Project 01 - Design Proposal - Sulfur Mines 1.0 - Unity 3D - ** Web only **

The main purpose of this proposal is to show that not all games in this world have to be about pointing to a target and shooting something. I wanted to create a game/level where I could navigate and explore a scene as well as use strategy to get to the 20 mines that are suffocating the environment. The level of knowledge required to play the first level of the proposed game is not that difficult. The difficult part is remembering that you have 12 minutes to start with, to deactivate 20 mines, so it is a race against time.
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Since this is a proposal for a game and not a fully fledged game, I have only created the one level. So it is a prototype. Within the creation process I admit I struggled with and learnt a hell of a lot of C# scripting as well as dealing with low polygon counts and learning how to create a level from scratch within a 3D game engine. I initially started using UDK game engine but I realised that it would be too time consuming to learn another game engine within the time allocated which was 13 weeks. So I decided to create the game level in Unity v4.2 in which I had some prior experience to the task at hand.

The procedure that i used was varied and I suppose with any application of the modern era in computer software all of the assets that were created that made up the game were created using a multitude of 3d and 2d software. Here is a list of some of the software that i used:

- Photoshop
- Maya
- Unity and C#
- Audition

The research that i uncovered was a matter of me getting examples of vehicles, terrain maps, level maps and then coming out with a flowchart, mind mapping process and eventually the creation of concepts for the game. Having finished the graphics part to the game literally in week 11 out of 13 weeks the process continued with creating sounds for the character or in this case the front person controller as well as environmental background sound.



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